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Hello, I'm Niels

Web Application Architect

I turn ideas into code, and coffee into ideas.

Nightscout Status

Nightscout Status allows type1-diabetics (like myself!) to check their blood sugar by simply asking Google.

Over 300 diabetics worldwide rely on Nightscout Status every day.
Safe to say, this project is my magnum opus :)

Vue, Firebase Firestore, Google Assistant, DialogFlow, Docker, ...

Peppermint Wallpapers

100s of original nature photos are uploaded to Reddit every day. These make for amazing wallpapers, but unfortunately, most are lost into the void of the Web.

Peppermint will find the very best, and place them in your Dropbox.
Say goodbye to your boring never-changing wallpaper: Now you have a collection of hundreds that's refreshed daily.

Firebase Functions, Google Cloud Platform, Dropbox & Reddit APIs, ...


In 2013, Doctors without Borders was searching for a better way to remind long-term care patients in Zimbabwe of their upcoming appointments.

At the Random hacks of Kindness hackaton, me and 2 friends developed the communication solution they needed:

Using text messages, Nimtone ensures patients are reminded when they need to visit their clinics. Default rates have been drastically reduced for patients being treated for HIV and TBC; and Nimtone is still being used today.

.NET WebAPI, AngularJS, Twilio, MongoDB, ...

Open Source

Lean-by-doing never failed me yet!
So whenever I want to learn a new technology, I always use the same method: apply it in a real-world project


Journaling web app with e2e encryption. Inspired by OhLife, just more secure

AngularJS, Firebase, PGP, CryptoJS, SJCL


Converts and uploads bank statements into YNAB, a popular budget tool

Node, YNAB API, pkg

Glucose Ticker

Glanceable glucose ticker on the Windows taskbar

Node, Electron, Vue

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