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Nimtone is a project written during the 2013 hackaton
"Random Hacks of Kindness"

It provides automated reminders via text messages
for patients of hospitals run by Doctors without Borders

During its 1-year pilot, Nimtone managed appointments for over 1500 patients. The app is currently being upgraded to be rolled out to MSF projects across the world

Want to know more about Nimtone? Read the excellent blogpost on twilio.com, or visit the official site:

#AngularJS - #.NET - #Open Source


I was diagnosed with Type-I diabetes at the age of 9. I carry an insulin pump, and perform blood sugar measurements about 8 times a day

That's a lot of data, so I designed Diabase to help me control it all

Diabase imports the measurements right from my devices,
and turns them into easy-to-understand graphs and statistics

With Diabase, I can get a complete overview of my diabetes,
allowing for better control and a healthier life :)

Visit Diabase

Are you a diabetic patient? Give Diabase a try, you can start for free!

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