Niels Maerten

Niels Maerten

Web Application Architect


Hi! I'm Niels. I turn ideas into code, and coffee into ideas :)

I started out as a SharePoint and .NET consultant at Amplexor (2013), then pivoted and began building Web Applications as a freelance consultant (Qiip Consulting °2016).

Work Experience

Software Architect @ Maerten & Partners

July 2019 - present

Augmented Maerten & Partners' existing CRM system (Invenias) with a mesh of microservices running on Google Cloud. These services extract data for deep analysis and automate tasks.

Google Firestore - Google Cloud Functions - Docker - Invenias

Web Developer @ Belfius

2017 - July 2019

Expansion and maintenance of the Belfius Online Banking Platform for professional use.

AngularJS - SASS - TypeScript

Teamlead Web @ Repower by SolarUniverse

2016 - 2017

Built a webapp that interfaces with AI to suggest a full solar installation for any roof. The app instantly generates a quote and options to finance the project.

AngularJS - .NET WebApi - Microsoft Azure - TypeScript - NodeJS

Freelance Consultant @ Qiip Consulting

2016 - present

After leaving Amplexor (and the .NET platform) I founded Qiip Consulting to allow me to better focus on the Web Platform.

SharePoint Consultant @ Amplexor

2013 - 2016

Amplexor creates custom content management systems built on top of SharePoint. But don't bother asking me about this anymore. I am no longer working with SharePoint :-)

.NET - C# - SharePoint - K2 - SmartForms - SQL Server

Open-source Projects

I always use the same method when I want to learn a new technology stack:
apply it in a real-world project. Learning by doing has never failed me :-)

Listing all of these projects here would make the resume way too long, so please visit for my portfolio.

Technology Stacks

Visit my profile on StackOverflow for more

  • HTML
  • TypeScript, Javascript
  • Vue, Angular, AngularJS
  • Docker, Google Cloud Platform, Azure
  • Firebase, Firestore, GCM, Cloud Functions
  • NodeJS, Electron, npm
  • Git, Git-Flow
  • Scrum, Kanban
  • ...


Karel de Grote Hogeschool

Applied Computer Sciences

2011-2013: BaNaBa ACS with specialization in Software Management

2009-2011: Bachelor ACS with a specialization in Application Development (w/ Honors)